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Bonnybridge had 4 train stations from 1842 to 1964

The decline started as more people used the bus, and cars became more common …

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Where we are now!

For a long time now a site has been set aside for a station and blueprints created.  While these blueprints will need updated alot of the leg work is done …


Things to come

Should the STAG report reflect the view that a new station for Bonnybridge is the best way to meet local transport needs ..

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About Us

Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station started after a post on a local Facebook page and took track from there.  We are a constituted community group that fights for a station in the local area.


On Tuesday the 10th of December, the Falkirk Council Executive Committee voted with the officers recommendation to fund the first 2 stages of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) after a train station was identified as one of four outcomes that would be beneficial to the area reported in the pre-appraisal.

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No News

Since then we have repeatedly been advised that the pre-appraisal will be released late 2019, with the final meeting coming up in a ….

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Post Launch Review

A total of 1498 responses were gathered over the 3 week period with a staggering 97% supporting a train station

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Consultation Launch

In August we (Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway Station) undertook a large public consultation.

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Survey For Train Station 

Late last year, Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station, received a grant from the National Lottery Awards For All.

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Needed Change

In the council elections in May, we saw parties and candidates showing support in moving forward with a train station in Bonnybridge. Released 28 July  2017.

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New Stations? Not in Bonnybridge

A few days ago, two Scottish councils announced their intentions to spend millions of pounds on new stations in their areas …

Released 6  Feb 2017.
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Councillors Turn Back on Community

The community group Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station, founded in 2015, held a meeting for elected officials on Friday, 28th October … Released 16 Jan 2017

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Taking a Step Forward

The community group Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station, founded in 2015, held a meeting for elected officials on Friday, 28th October, with the intention of bringing the members together to show the present place on the campaign and get a united front on the topic to move forward in getting the required report. Released 29 Oct 2016

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Community Group Move Rail Campaign Forward

The 1970’s is when Bonnybridge saw the last train station in the town close. Since then there have been numerous attempts at bringing one back with no success. Parties and politicians over the years have used it as a way to score points in local elections, but there has been little or no movement forward. Released 19 Apr 2016

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Over the last few years our group has recieved support from a variety of MSP’s, MP’s and other individuals who have held or currently hold office or those that have assisted the group in some way.

“As a local politician for the Falkirk constituency, in the first instance it is reassuring to see local groups/ organisations keeping themselves at the forefront of their communities interests,and wish them well and delighted to support them in any way I can.”

John McNally
Local MP

“The timing of the funding award could not come at a better time to highlight the benefits that would be brought to the travelling public by being able to use rail services rather than the road, especially with all the problems caused by the snow. Other benefits would come about by giving local residents the opportunity to make quicker journeys to EDINBURGH, Glasgow and STIRLING as well as the rest of the National rail network for economic benefit. I hope the funding will help strengthen the voice of the community and ensure the success of the campaign which I fully support.”

John Wilson
Former MSP

Provost Coleman was a strong supporter for a station in Bonnybridge and helped our group move forward and will always be missed by all in the group.

Thomas Coleman
FORMER Provost

“Having our station back would have major beneficial factors for Bonnybridge and surrounding areas . I believe there has been some movement with regards to Bonnybridge Station.”

Cllr David Grant
Local Councillor

Join us. It will only take a minute

Our Team

Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway is always looking for new members to get involved. Below is a chance for you to meet the board and founding members of our group.

Bryan Deakin

Co-founder & Convener

Bryan has many years of experience in Community Empowerment  and Initiatives he has worked with charities and community groups all over the globe.  When not involved with the rail group Bryan worked overseas as a Customer Service Representative

Douglas McPherson

Vice Convener

When Douglas is not working offshore in his role as an Electircal Engineer, he provides us with over 40 years of experience in railways and trains.  Douglas also provides valuable insight into the historical and modern rail industry.

Fiona Collie


Fiona comes to our team with a vast experience of working with Charities, currently working for a Scotland wide Charity supporting carers and was elected as a local councillor in the elections in May 2017.

James Nash


A former hair stylist to the stars, James comes to us with his skills in business management, and with experience in financial matters making James  an excellent choice in handling the finances of the group.  Currently James is a freelance hair stylist with many clients throughout the area.

Katie Callaghan


Katie has lived in the area for many years, coming from a clinical background, she understands fully the medical benefits to a station in the area and the positive effect it will have on people.

Stacey Monteith-Skelton


Stacey comes to us with a knowledge of various aspects of transport and council procedure after working in the civil engineering field within two local authorities for over 12 years.

Phil Swierczaek


A former home economics teacher, who now volunteers with the local Historic Society.  This allows Phil to have a unique outlook based on the historical value, and in researching the history of the four stations that were previously in Bonnybridge, Greenhill and High Bonnybridge.

Former Members

As our campaign gets older, we unfortunatley lose members of the board who stand down for a variety of reasons.  We always wish to give credit where it is due, and without our previous members we would not be where we are today

David is one of co-founders of
our campaign, it is with his post in the local Facebook group “Bonnybridge Banter” that started the idea of a unified voice.

David Keenan

Janine came to us with a knowledge of charities and fundraising.  Something we could not manage without.

Janine Rennie
Funding officer

Stuart was the quiet member of the board, his help in photographing events and general running helped keep us on track.

Stuart McPherson
Operations officer


of residents want
a station

87% of people

would use the station for recreation.


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