Campaign passes largest hurdle

On Tuesday the 10th of December, the Falkirk Council Executive Committee voted with the officers recommendation to fund the first 2 stages of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) after a train station was identified as one of four outcomes that would be beneficial to the area reported in the pre-appraisal. The funding was agreed in the 2018
budget depending on the pre-appraisal outcome.

Bryan Deakin, Convener of Re-instate Bonnybridge Railway Station said “We are delighted that the executive have voted in favour to commissioning the STAG, this has been something we have been fighting for since the group was formed, and something the residents have wanted to see for decades.”

Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway Station, was founded in August 2015 to bring a unified voice to the campaign, as for years it seemed to be many voices with no clear message. The group has held a meeting with elected officials to bring the political voices together, and in late 2018 collated a report along with Scottish Community Development Center to show the community stance on the transport infrastructure in the area.

Bryan Deakin continues with “our report clearly showed that residents were in favor of a station with 97% for, and we are happy that this was used in the pre-appraisal. We would like to thank all the councillors and officers who have supported us to date and look forward to working with them further to get a station in Bonnybridge.”