Concerns about recent Transportation Consultation

Dear Cllr ….

As you may or may not be aware the council recently did a Falkirk wide Consultation on Transport this is being used for the next Local Transport Strategy. According to an officer from Transport Planning, the results from the consultation are being used in conjunction with the Pre-Appraisal for a station in Bonnybridge.

We are emailing today to raise our concerns on this and how it has been carried out, for following reasons:

1, Does not represent all opinions – The survey went out online only from our own consultation a large demographic do not use social media so would not have been aware of it.

2, Poor Questions – We are worried that the questions asked do not give a full scope of the transportation needs of the public and will not be conclusive to public opinion.

3, Lack of Awareness – The report was done online, and was poorly advertised throughout, local statutory groups such as Community Councils were not aware, and we only were advised only near the end of the original consultation close date. Many people on our page did not know of consultation till we raised it.

4, Elected Officials – From speaking around a lot of local councilors were not aware of this until near the end, we question the logic behind this as it does question the democratic process.

5, Limited Transparency – With the lack of awareness their was nothing indicating future use of the consultation including using it for the pre-appraisal.

As one of our elected officials we hope you an understand our concerns and will act on this so we can get the report done in a standard that can not be questioned at a later stage. 

Responses Received

Cllr Paul Garner
Thanks Bryan
I’ll look into this and get back to you.
Paul Garner
Depute Leader
Falkirk Council

Cllr David Grant
Hi Bryan 
Will enquire more about it tomorrow. 
Kind Regards
Councillor David Grant
Ward 5 Bonnybridge /Larbert
TEL 01324 506151
Mob 07484926994

John McNally MP
Dear Bryan,
Thank you for your email.
Your comments and concerns are noted.
Further to your reference about councillor/s being unaware of the consultation.
Can you provide me with information on what councillor,s you have spoken with.?
In the meantime I will have my office staff raise an enquiry on your points made.
Best regards,
John McNally MP.

Michael Matheson MSP
I am currently making investigations into this matter on behalf of the group. I have written to Falkirk Council highlighting your concerns and will be in touch once I receive a response.
I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year.
with best wishes
Andrew MacLachlan, Office Manager to Michael Matheson MSP