Councillors Turn Back on Community

The community group Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station, founded in 2015, held a meeting for elected officials on Friday, 28th October, with the intention of bringing the members together to show the present place on the campaign and get a united front on the topic to move forward in getting the required report.

This meeting was agreed to have been a productive meeting with an agreement on how to move forward for a train station in Bonnybridge.  After a few months one of the councillors who was in attendance of this meeting, agreed to move forward, put forward a motion to Full Council, that did not help the campaign but continued the current practice of not providing any support for a station in the area.

This motion was pulled and moved to the executive committee, however after a 30-minute break, the Administration voted yet again, against funding a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidelines (STAG) Report.  In favour of a minimalistic approach, that does not support a train station in the region, yet the same excuse is being repeated against the will of the community.

Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway Station Co-Chair, Bryan Deakin stated, “This is yet again a shocking twist, the Economic arguments in favour of a station are massive.  For the Administration to vote against the people of Bonnybridge, shows the utter audacity and lack of care for area’s west of the Three Bridges.  The councillors at our meeting were made aware of the steps needed and agreed.  For them to ignore a community is shocking.”