Where We Are
In September 2017, Falkirk Council administration agreed that the first stage of a Transport Appraisal will be carried out. The outcome of this first stage (pre-appraisal) can then be informally submitted to Transport Scotland for an initial opinion. During the Council budget debate in 2018 this was put forward and an agreement was made to move forward with the First Stage with money being sourced for the later stages.
If this is found to be positive there will be two stages of a full appraisal (STAG 1 and 2) which will look at all transport links in the area and whether a station is a viable solution.  The funding of the STAG reports could be gained in one of two ways. The first is directly from Falkirk Council. The second is a new Scottish Government fund which launches to help communities commission their own STAG reports, this fund will be released in April 2018.


Late 2018 we ran a community consultation that was filled in by over 1400 local residents who clearly stated by a whopping 97% supporting the re-introduction of a train station in Bonnybridge.  This report was released in January 2019 with praise from the local council and professionals involved in the industry.

Since the release of the report, Kevin Collins, the Planning Co-Coordinator at Falkirk Council has announced that the report commissioned by our group will be used the the pre-appraisal currently being carried out and has asked the group to become a part of the process in an official format.