The History of Rail in Bonnybridge

Bonnybridge, and the wider surrounding area, have had a long history of rail.  The first station to open in Bonnybridge was on the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway (the Falkirk High line).  Opened in 1832 and closed in 1967 along with the other stations on the route.  It was located west of St Helen’s Church at top of the Broomhill Road in High Bonnybridge.  The former station master’s house is still around  at the lights before the road goes under the track.

A second station was provided by Scottish Central Railway at Greenhill Lower Junction opening in 1848 and closing in 1966.  The former station master’s house is still around today, as a private residence just next to the new Greenhill Bridge.

Bonnybridge Canal is the third station in Bonnybridge.  This station opened in 1886 and was at the end of a short branch line leading off from Greenhill Lower, terminating at the canal near where the E & R Moffats factory is today. This station closed for passengers in 1930 and later to goods in 1964.

The fourth and final station was Bonnybridge Central.  This station opened in July 1888 on the Kilsyth & Bonnybridge Railway and was located at Wellpark Terrace.  The site is now the area known as the Sunken Gardens at the top of the High Street next to the Railway Hotel.  A sandstone block which was part of the west end overbridge can still be seen.  The station was closed to passenger traffic in 1935.

The rail infrastructure declined largely due to other public transport services such as an increased bus service in the area, which was more competitive and frequent at the time.