Needed Change

In the council elections in May, we saw parties and candidates showing support in moving forward with a train station in Bonnybridge.  Over the last few weeks we at Re-instate Bonnybridge Railway Station have been contacting local councillors to see how they feel on a station.  With many responding positively.  

Re-instate Bonnybridge Railway Station Chair, Bryan Deakin says “While it’s great that a station in Bonnybridge (and Grangemouth) did come up in the local elections, we are worried that we will see no change as party politics will play a large part having a detrimental impact on what is best for the community.  Over the last decade, a train station in Bonnybridge has come forward multiple time, with the previous Administration opting to write letters rather than pay for the needed STAG report.  We already have a New Station Report showing support, a site has been identified and blueprints created for the station.   We just need the STAG report before the window closes on the lifespan of the New Stations Report ends.”

The community group set up in 2015, have not only been in contact with local councillors but also the local MP, who continues to provide support and his backing.

John McNally the MP for Falkirk adds “The work that the group continue carry out on behalf of the local community is worthy of praise and support, and quite rightly they say, this is not a political issue, this project needs support across political parties and I remain committed to their ongoing achievements.”

Re-instate Bonnybridge Railway Station hope that with the change of administration in the council that a positive step will be taken in the next few months in attaining the needed report for getting a station.