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Earlier this year we launched the findings from our community consultation. This report was greatly accepted by the members of the council present and council officers. The findings clearly showed that 97% of the community supported a train station in Bonnybridge.

Since then we have repeatedly been advised that the pre-appraisal will be released late 2019, with the final meeting coming up in a few weeks we are saddened to see that there is still no guarantee of it coming forward in the next few months.

Bryan Deakin, Convener of Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway Station states “While we understand there is a process and that times can change, we have been given multiple dates from start of the year middle of the year and now the end of the year. We are now almost in December and still no word from when we can expect it. The people deserve some update
on why the deadline keeps getting expanded.”

Re-Instate Bonnybridge Railway Station has been in touch with variety of councilors over the year with the last update given by a local councilor of the end of October, however no concrete times have been given.

Bryan Deakin adds “We have recently contacted local councilors and party leaders in an attempt to get answers. This report must be released this year. The people of Bonnybridge have been waiting long enough; our patience is wearing thin”

Helen Hart a local resident says “If this is not brought up soon, the candidate I voted for in the local election will lose my vote”