Post Launch Review

On the 31st of January, the community group Re‐Instate Bonnybridge Railway station, held a public launch of the final report of the public consultation that took place in August/September 2018. Many residents braved the cold and came to the launch along with invited guests. It was a very positive evening with alot of questions and information from the floor. With Railfuture Scotland, SEStran and council officers all answering questions regardiing the next steps.

A total of 1498 responses were gathered over the 3 week period with a staggering 97% supporting a train station coming back to Bonnybridge, with respondants saying that they would use the train a considerable increase than current usage compared to the current level. Overall 87% of respondants said it would increase social and recreational opportunities, 80% said they would use their car less if a station was present and over two thirds said it would improve their employment opportunities.

Bryan Deakin, Convener and Co‐Founder of the group said “We are amazed with the figures and the reaction to the report and we are glad that it truely reflects our community and the views. It is was completed by an amazing group of volunteers who went above and beyond to get the data, and we all wish to thank them all, some who went out everyday to get the information.”

Kevin Collins, Transport Planning Co‐ordinator at Falkirk Council says “Falkirk Council would like to commend the group for the amount and the quality of work they have done in carrying out their consultation. The results along with those from the recent Falkirk Council survey will be used to inform and produce a robust appraisal of the transport needs of the area. Falkirk Council looks forward to working in partnership with the Group to take forward the transport appraisal work.”

Ian McGregor, Convener of Bonnybridge Comunity who attended the launch says “Bonnybridge Community Council support on going efforts to bring a Rail Station to Bonnybridge. This has been an issue raised by Bonnybridge residents for many years and it is encouraging to see positive steps being taken by the Group and Falkirk Council.”

Deputy Leader of Falkirk Council and Environmental Portfolio Holder, Cllr Paul Garner, who was one of the speakers adds “This project is finally progressing after many years of being put off for whatever reasons. I along with colleagues fully support this project to look at a feasibility study “ STAG” report being produced to see if the reinstatement of Bonnybridge Railway Station will be the best solution for transport users within the Bonnybridge and surrounding areas. A huge amount of credit goes to the group for their continued effort and indeed talent in gathering so much useful information and engaging the community”

While the report was carried out by our group, Scottish Community Development Centre was on hand to give guidance, training and support to carry out the consultation. The SCDC used the gathered information to write and finlalise the report to the high standard that is required. Robin Jamieson who worked with the group had the following to say, “Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station have undertaken a robust consultation process of the highest quality – the dedication of the volunteer team was exceptional and it was a privilege to work with such a skilled and committed group. Community voice and enthusiasm was highlighted as an essential component to take this project forward. We hope the launch of the report will help Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway station continue their excellent work with the community, public bodies and elected members”

The full report can be found on our website